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Ice Cream

At LetThemSeeCake, we believe that ice cream is more than just a treat – it's an experience.  Nestled in the heart of Cardiff by Victoria Park, our garden (which is home to our little Parlwr Hufen Ia) is a delightful oasis where you can savour delicious, hand-crafted ice creams in an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing setting.

Our passion for quality and creativity shines through in every scoop.  We've collaborated with Llanfaes Dairy using only the finest ingredients to create a variety of unique and classic flavours with our cake offcuts, meaning zero cake waste!  Whether you're a fan of traditional favourites like Classic Victoria or Chocolate Fudge, or adventurous enough to try our exclusive creations, there's something for everyone at our garden.

We're open our usual hours (Wed-Sat 10:00-17.30, Sun 10:00-16:00) in the back garden at our beautiful Victoria Park shop.

Bring your friends and family, and enjoy a sweet escape
 - we can't wait to share our love of ice cream with you!

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